When I was a child and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would always be “a teacher!!” My parents were convinced that that was what I would do, and so they were thoroughly shocked when it was not what I pursued in my undergraduate degree. However, I have worked my way back to teaching, and I am so passionate about my teaching practice and students.

What I teach

In trimester one, 2018 at Deakin University I am teaching:
ALL153: Literature for Children and Young Adults, School of Communication and Creative Arts
ALC708: Blogging And Online Communication Techniques (Masters), School of Communication and Creative Arts
– In addition to my teaching duties, I am also the administrative assistant for ALL153 and the unit coordinator for ALC708.

Other units I regularly teach at Deakin are:
ALL154: Power, Politics and Texts for Young People
ALC203: Exploring Digital Media: Contexts Of Online Participation
ALC205: Digital Media And The Surveillance Society
ALC701: Social Media Principles and Practices (Masters).

My teaching approach

As an educator, I am passionate about empowering students in their own learning and negotiation of the world. I believe in interactive teaching and breaking down the hierarchies between teacher and student. This encompasses a practical teaching approach that equips my students with vital knowledge and real world skills that will help them achieve their goals.



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