PhD life

Explorations of a feminist, vegan, PhD student.

I’m aware that the name of this blog probably sends shudders through many people – I’m okay with this (It seems us feminists, and vegans enrage a lot of people). I’m a late phase PhD student based in Melbourne, Australia. I research female embodiment in a range of fairy-tale adaptations for young people, using a range of feminist and media theoretical frameworks. I teach Children’s Literature and Media and Communication courses at my university. While all of this may sounds great, the PhD journey hasn’t been an easy one for me (it’s not supposed to be particularly easy, I know), but with each month and year that passes I feel myself growing more confident, more resilient, and more certain that this is what I want to do. I believe strongly in feminist and vegan ideologies, and they largely shape how I approach my life, research, and the way I interact with our world.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding my life – my PhD in general, my academic aspirations, my feminist & vegan beliefs, academic publishing, and balancing work and life (ha). For me, the most productive way has always been to write my thoughts down, that is to think through written thoughts. I am hoping that this blog will be a space to do this, and if it in any way offers anything productive to other people then that would be wonderful.

A course I am teaching this semester is on exploring digital media, and the contexts of online participation. This subject has encouraged me to think about the way I engage with media, and more importantly, how I engage with students and peers. This blog is a way for me to begin this journey. I have a range of topics I want to explore in the coming blog posts: how to survive as a full-time PhD student (who is not on a scholarship) who is renting, dealing with the isolation and pressure that comes with doing a PhD, why my research and doing a PhD in the humanities is important, why I became a vegan, and the links between veganism, feminism, and academia.

For now, I’ll leave you with the simple promise of future posts – even if it is just a way for me to work through my the thoughts in my own head.


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